30 April 2015 11:16 PM permalink comment
Jet pack blues

There are so many things I want to do but I've been wasting my days away ever since school ended. So I thought like hmm maybe I should list them out and actually get around to completing them inside of moping around watching random YouTube videos or reading random manga. Yea.

First of all, finish my law assignment - in which there are in total 4 essays, ppt slides and a video presentation to be done (which I definitely should be finishing already but unfortunately, I have not even start properly). I need to sit down, and start on it. Yea, while majority of the other students probably already completed it and have moved on to studying for exams...

Second- yes, study for my upcoming exams! Four papers to tackle. One of which is accounting. Total nightmare for me ugh.

Third, do up my resume/cv properly and try to get an internship during the holidays. Everyone's working their ass off and it just feels like I'm not doing enough. Haha I'm never doing enough.

Fourth, GET READY FOR MY JAPAN TRIP! So many things to plan for a short trip. Things I want to see, want to eat, want to buyyyyyyy. My heart has already left Singapore lol

Fifth, practice my art, code Tumblr themes after being on a hiatus for so long AND make graphics \o/

Lots of things to do mmmmmmmmm

Btw: fell in love with Fall Out Boy's AB/AP album recently! Have been playing the songs on repeat because they're just so good :)