20 March 2015 11:25 PM permalink comment
You pull the blackout curtains down

I suck at keeping contact with friends.

Okay. It's not like I'm bad at making friends or anything (well it actually depends heavily on the situation), it's just that sometimes I tend to be lazy at replying text messages and stuff like that. Not the type who replies texts a few hour later, I'm more of the type who can ignore her phone for several days if there's no school. Yea. Sorry about that.

There were also times I avoided talking to people because I was too lazy to make friends. Don't get me wrong, I like having friends. But sometimes it feels kinda taxing to maintain all those relationships that I just end up not contacting them for a while. So to me it's like, what's the point making new friends then? Which is why I tend to not initiate conversation with random people unless they are the ones who approach me. Things like greeting people I see often but never exchange words with... how do people do things like this?

What exactly are friends though? There were times I thought someone as a good friend but it's turned out that they just didn't feel the same way. Reason why I don't really have lots of friends /sweats

Oh yuck look at all the disgusting emotions in this post I'm cringing at the me ten minutes ago

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